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Established in 2008, Douglas Realty is a premier privately owned real estate brokerage that has grown to include a roster of over 400 agents serving the Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida markets.

Take a look at the following fast facts to get acquainted with the Douglas Realty brand.

  • We are honored to be Anne Arundel County’s highest producing independent real estate company.
  • The reason for our across-the-board success is simple. At Douglas Realty, we are an agent-focused company. We believe that by putting our time and resources into each agent, superior results will follow.
  • Today Douglas Realty has 8 full-service offices, however, this continues to change as we continue to grow in new market on the East Coast. Per the National Association of Realtors’ annual report, Douglas Realty falls in the top 3% of companies nationwide based on size.
  • Douglas Realty is one of the fastest growing privately owned residential real estate companies in the country, as named in 2016, 2017 and 2018 by Inc. Magazine.
  • Staying on top of innovative and cutting-edge technology is the name of the game at Douglas Realty. To help our agents get as many leads as possible, we provide KVCore – the industry’s top lead generation system, free of charge to all agents.

A note from the broker:

My original vision for this company in early 2000 was to build a business model that delivered the industry’s best technology and the best business development training, all at no cost, and still pay our agents 100% of their commission.  Many industry leaders back then said it couldn’t be done (and some still say that today), but here we are, over 10 years later, delivering on our promise.  The agent-focused model came from my motto of “How Can I Help” – my goal was to help each individual agent achieve their goals and from that, everything else would fall into place.

I am honored to be part of the coolest real estate culture around.

A big THANK YOU to our agents and clients for everything you do.

Sincerely, Doug Smith

Our mission is to provide best in class support and technology for our agents to help them succeed.

Douglas Realty...A Full Service Brokerage That's Different by Design!

100% Commission Real Estate in MD, DC, VA, DE, PA and GA.

We make real estate simple!

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I have truly enjoyed being an agent with Douglas Realty! Broker Doug Smith is GREAT to work for, pleasant and easy to talk to, quick to respond, totally supportive, technology saavy, and innovative and open to new ideas for improvement for both the company, agents, and all staff involved. Availability for online training and staff meetings via conference calls makes things so much easier for the agent who cannot be at the office in person. Doug is a broker who thinks “ahead” with the future in mind and always has his agents in mind. He is a broker who most definitely appreciates and recognizes his agents. Since coming to Douglas Realty, after having been an agent since 1997, I have never looked back and only look to the future. I would highly recommend Douglas Realty to any agent looking forward to a successful future!

-Ginny Lo

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