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I’ve been at Douglas Realty since the beginning and I can tell you if you want to succeed in this business, this is the company to join. They offer the best combination of support, training, technology, and commission in the industry. They have fully staffed offices with friendly intelligent people willing to help whenever needed. … read more »

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Testimonial 15
January 28, posted in testimonials
I joined Douglas Realty for two reasons. The first was a chance to work with some experienced professionals who would help me learn the rope... read more
Testimonial 13
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After interviewing with other brokerages, Douglas Realty was the only one that felt like I was being brought into a family and not just anot... read more
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As a brand new agent, it was important to me that I find a cutting edge broker who had a great reputation in the industry, as well as one th... read more
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When searching for a new Company to conduct my Real Estate Business I interviewed with several companies. My first interest with Douglas Rea... read more
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Working at Douglas Realty has been a pleasure. Everyone is very helpful and the technology is much more advanced than other companies. All o... read more
Testimonial 9
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As a 27-year veteran in the real estate business, I am so happy to be with Douglas Realty. Primarily, I like the larger paychecks! The staff... read more
Testimonial 7
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It has been a pleasure to work with Douglas Realty and having the support of the office behind me. The follow up is amazing and the office s... read more
Testimonial 5
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I was a Realtor working with RE/MAX for 10 years. After talking to Doug Smith and doing the math I ask myself why am I giving away so much o... read more
Testimonial 4
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I’ve been at Douglas Realty for since the beginning and I can tell you if you want to succeed in this business, this is the company to joi... read more
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After 10 years in the business, changing over to Douglas Realty was the BEST decision I’ve made. When I decided to look for something bett... read more
Testimonial 2
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I love it at Douglas Realty. They are way ahead of the curve on technology and modern lead generation, but most importantly, they constantly... read more
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Joining Douglas Realty was the best decision I’ve made in my real estate career. The opportunity to make 100% commission and the freedom t... read more