I decided to join Douglas Realty, LLC because they stand by what they say and they are very responsive. I interviewed with other Brokerage companies and they don’t offer the same benefits and they weren’t as responsive. Other brokers advertised certain benefits but when questioned it translated into something less than what was stated. That was discouraging. Since joining Douglas Realty I have received training, support and guidance. The transition has been easy and confirms this is the right place. I am excited about being with Douglas Realty and I look forward to a long, successful and rewarding career!

-Arlene Buckner

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I have truly enjoyed being an agent with Douglas Realty! Broker Doug Smith is GREAT to work for, pleasant and easy to talk to, quick to respond, totally supportive, technology saavy, and innovative and open to new ideas for improvement for both the company, agents, and all staff involved. Availability for online training and staff meetings via conference calls makes things so much easier for the agent who cannot be at the office in person. Doug is a broker who thinks “ahead” with the future in mind and always has his agents in mind. He is a broker who most definitely appreciates and recognizes his agents. Since coming to Douglas Realty, after having been an agent since 1997, I have never looked back and only look to the future. I would highly recommend Douglas Realty to any agent looking forward to a successful future!

-Ginny Lo

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